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Simply to go "Choose a RAID Freedive Centre" click on a country and a list of Freedive Centres will be shown. Contact these centres directly and tell them you wish to appoint them as your appointed centre in order to complete the practical training! The rest is between you and the RAID Dive Centre.


We offer the most comprehensive Dive Centre based on-line Freediving training programme from World Series Freediving (WSF) Freediver to WSF Instructor Trainer.

The system is not only for e-learning, but also a complete Training Management Tool for Dive Centres and Instructors, allowing on-line communication with students' world wide.

The on-line internet RAID System has a Quality Management System that has never been available before, until now. Dive centre and instructor administrative requirements have been cut down to the basics, with all information now stored on-line. Dive Centres may track students' progress; appoint instructors for each student; provide personalized customer service through direct on-line contact; and follow through with scheduled practical training with appointed instructors.

The system is adaptable to cater for most dive centre requirements.

In the RAID System, Dive Centres are the base of the education system and are responsible for the final certification of students following skill sign-off by the instructor. All information including quick quiz and exam results; student and instructor in water skills sign off dates; dive centre, instructor and students details and more, are all securely stored by RAID HQ. This information may be recalled if required.

The RAID System totally supports dive centres ensuring certifications can only be completed through RAID Registered Dive Centres and not by independent instructors.

RAID has dramatically cut down the training administration cost. One dive centre owner said, "this could not be more simple and supportive!"

The login provides three independent but interrelated sections:

Student Login: Persons register themselves and choose which course they wish to complete.
Instructor Login: Following successful completion of the Instructor course, the system automatically changes the login to the Pro Section and registers them.
Dive Centre Login: To register, dive centres apply directly to RAID HQ or the area representative, who will on acceptance send through the relevant pass word and registration details. If you are interested to see more please contact RAID HQ and we will provide a DEMO site; Dive Centre and Instructor Login sections.

We have streamlined the training administration process, and improved on quality control, whilst at the same time provided quality assurance to students, instructors and dive centres, with reduced over all cost!

There is only one way to regsiter your dive centre with RAID and that is by direct contact and application to RAID HQ.


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