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One Day All Training Agencies Will Offer a Comprehensive On Line Training System, Until Then There Is RAID

Are you worried about not having books? Encarta was not worried about Encyclopaedia Brittanica. Go Pro probably don't give Kodak a second thought and can anyone still remember Polaroid?

All the major agencies are trying to work out how they transition from an outdated model into the modern world, Imagine working at Kodak when digital hit the market, why did they not just adapt? Simple their model was fixed and changing it costs a fortune so they just keep playing at the fringes hoping something would change until it was too late.

Imagine owning a book store franchise or having a store filled with film cameras when digital hit.

You would not want to be in that position would you?

What is a Google and what is a Facebook? I know the Amazon is a jungle and Kindle is something you start a fire with right?

I guess if you had a bunch of money invested in a book store ten years ago you will wish you took more notice when someone said, these technologies will put you out of business.

But I have never heard of these brands you might say.

History shows that companies rarely bridge from old technologies to new and it's the new companies in this millennium that quickly become the brands of choice.

Charles Darwin said "it is not the strongest of the species that survives or the most intelligent, it is the one most readily adaptable to change".

RAID is the most advanced training model in the world today. We will soon launch a brand new website with over 60 programs on line, it will have the most advanced training platform in the industry today, our operation cost from production cost to consumer is the lowest in the industry, our new acquisition plan will be the most effective ever launched , our trainers lead the world. RAID will be like no other training system on earth

We understand change is always difficult but it is also inevitable. All training agencies want to go digital, it's not the technology that holds them back it's the investment they have in old technology. Clinging to old technologies and old brands will hold you back.

We ask you to listen to Charles, join our team and do what every successful business does , be ahead of the pack.


The innovative and comprehensive RAID system of diver training is the future.

Rebreather Association of International Divers, first developed training for rebreathers. Due to demand we extended our programmes to include open circuit courses.

RAID training is a culmination of years of experience gained in the SCUBA training industry and assimilation of the best skill development from across the board combined and presented with the very latest technology to provide unmatched quality control SCUBA diver training.

The RAID training is presented to the student through the internet on a systems developed platform after careful study of long distance learn techniques from Australia to the USA. The system is now the most comprehensive e-learning programme in the world.

The system has been designed to integrate academic learning with practical facilitator lead development. The progressive learning system incorporates quality control throughout and interlinks the training facility with the student and instructor, providing a structure which ensures stands control and transparency.

Within the time it has been active in the diver training market RAID has grown more than any other developing agency over a similar period. It has proven to be simple and effective to use from the students', instructors and dive centres' point of views. RAID is a DIVE CENTRE based training agency.

Beyond the systems design, which makes RAID diver training unique is the substantial and comprehensive detailed diver training course materials and content which can only be assembled and written after years of diving experience. For example;

There are an estimated 167 edited diver training manuals consisting of over 4000 pages of editorial information, reinforcement with over 12000 questions and answers. Even though RAID has the latest on-line systems design, it is the course content that ensures RAID is the largest and comprehensive on-line training diver training programme in the world.



Barry Coleman
RAID Founder, Barry Coleman started diving in the late 70s. By the early 90s Barry started rebreather diving and in 2001 conceptualised the design of a recreational rebreather. Working closely with the design team at Poseidon, the Mk VI Discovery Rebreather was born and brought to market in 2007. To support the diver training required for Mk VI, Barry founded and launched RAID.
Since then Barry has continued to research remote learning models and pioneered the development of RAID E Training programs across the full range of recreational diving activities now offered by RAID. Barry is a sort after speaker at dive conventions and an advocate for the protection of sharks.




Paul Toomer
Paul is a force of nature in the diving world and his unique approach to training is legendary. Since he became a diving professional, Paul has reached the pinnacle of the world's leading diver training agencies; teaching divers, instructors and instructor trainers. When it comes to caves, wrecks and rebreathers, Paul has been there and done that all over the world. An avid writer and presenter, his contributions include articles for various dive magazines and formal presentations at training agency member events, DEMA, OZTek, EuroTek, TekCamp, the British Scuba Industry Trade Association, the London International Dive Show, Hollis/Oceanic Dealer Seminar and many more.
After a decade of teaching rebreather and technical courses, Paul was appointed International Director of Technical Training for SSI. Now Director of Diver Training at RAID, Paul brings a wealth of real world experience to his position.


image credit to Jason Brown - www.bardophotographic.com

Mike Wells

Mike Wells needs no introduction to the diving world as his records and achievements in the art of Freediving are well known globally. As the former SSI International Training Director of Freediving, Mike conceptualised and wrote the world’s first mainstream Freediving program and in so doing effectively transformed the once cult-like pastime consisting of just a handful of participants into a safety focused, structured, mainstream sport that is today accessible to the masses.Amongst his many dive industry and personal achievements, Mike also cofounded the iconic; World Series Freediving (WSF), providing participants of the sport at all levels access to a spirited and well run competition platform.

In just a few short years, Mike’s achievements have resulted in thousands of new certifications globally and some respected dive industry observers rightly argue that Freediving is today diving’s largest growth area.

Mike’s passion for the sport has revitalised and provided new income streams for existing dive centres along with new specialised Freediving facilities now opening in popular Freediving destinations. This global Freediving industry has in turn influenced key manufacturers to create Freediving products to feed this new and highly exciting section of the market.



Col McKenzie
Col was the ultimate driving force responsible for successfully taking SSI to Australia and South East Asia, culminating in establishing successful SSI businesses in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. A very capable administrator and financial controller, Col was previously the President of Dive Queensland for 3 years and their Treasurer for a further 4 years.
Col has also been an active participant in the marine tourism industry for the last 32 years and is currently the Executive Director of the Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators (Great Barrier Reef), a position he has held for more than 10 years. He represents the marine tourism industry on 38 different boards, forums and / or committees.
The recipient of several dive industry awards Col brings over 40 years of experience in the dive industry to the RAID team.

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Terry Cummins
Terry Cummins is known for establishing PADI in the South Pacific and as an executive on many dive industry related bodies. He served as Director of Training and CEO of PADI Australia (1982 to 1999), Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PADI Asia Pacific and member of the Board of Project AWARE. Terry retired from PADI in 2012 as International Vice President of Marketing Metrics and Performance PADI Worldwide and Director of Market Development PADI Technical Diving Division.

After leaving PADI, and as a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, a Certified Practicing Marketeer and keen head for business, Terry commenced TC-IBC (www.tc-ibc.com), a company specializing in business coaching and consultancy.
In 2014 Terry was appointed by the Board of RAID International as its Business Director.
TC has also been presented with several prestigious awards including Dive Australia Scuba Excellence Award, OzTek Award for contribution to technical diving and Oceanic Legends award.
He is also a fellow of the Explorers Club of New York and in 2013, Terry was awarded one of his country's highest honours: Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his contribution to sport, especially scuba diving.

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Mark Mc Crum
Mark started a diving and training career while in the Royal Australian Air Force. As an Air Force trainer he gained skills in training that would lead to an extensive career in training for the dive industry. Mark started with PADI in 1984 and became a dive professional within the first 3 years of diving. This started a 30 year diving journey that has taken him around the world. Mark has been involved in diver training at the highest level and has held qualifications in PADI, SSI and now RAID.
For the last 6 years Mark has been in the role of International Training Director and General Manager for SSI in Australasia. He has extensive background in dive shop business training having been involved in the training of sales skills, customer service, equipment servicing and customer relationship functions for more than 20 years.
Marks experience comes from having been a part of almost every area of the dive industry. He has worked in diver training, wholesale, retail, resort operations, dive training agencies and Australian Recognised Training Organisations. Most recently he was a finalist for the Service Skills Australia Excellence Award for industry collaboration in training with a self authored Marine Research Diver Programme.
Having been appointed Recreational Training Director for RAID he brings 3 decades of dive industry experience to the organization.





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Our mission is to be the benchmark brand for quality dive training globally through improved technology, training techniques, a proactive quality control system and ensuring the highest standard of dive instructors. The measure of our success is not the number of divers we train but the quality of our divers, every diver we train is an ambassador for RAID.

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